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For the fans of Emma Watson
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Welcome to One Take Waton. First thing is no, this is not a branch off or update site to go with onetakewatson.com.
This is a community dedicated to Emma Watson, the actress best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. You can be a fan or someone just supporting her against the Anti-Emma people, but whoever you are Enjoy!

Mods: rikku_aeris & elendil8 are no longer mods of this community.

running_shadow and starmuffin are the new mods :)
And rikku_aeris is back! Booyeah.
We can post what we like because we rule... Lol! No we respect the rules too...

1. Posting of pictures, icons, manips etc. is cool, so long as it's to do with Emma.
2. Post large pictures behind cuts (More than 500 pixels width or height). Same with fanfic. Also any more than 3 icons should also go behind a cut. (Learn how to use lj-cut here)
3. Try to keep on topic, that being Emma.
4. Don't bag other members please - This means no put downs whatsoever, even if they're Anti-Emma, there's no need for personal attacks.
5. If you don't like Emma, don't bother us then and we won't bother you.
6. If it's about Hermione or Harry Potter in general, well okay cool go ahead and post.
7. Community promotion is okay so long as it's Emma or HP related (This can include Dan, Rupert etc.)
8. Please, keep language to a minimum. Any icons or graphics with innapropriate language should be put behind an lj cut with a warning.

Any entries that have no association at all with Emma or HP will be deleted. (That doesn't include introduction posts)

Whether ye be a true fan or "neutral", welcome to One Take Watson.

Affiliates and other great communities

If you would like to affiliate, contact running_shadow. As long as the community has something to do with Harry Potter, (Emma communties, Dan communities, HP icon communities etc.) you will most likely be accepted :)

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Emma is Beauty
Emma Watson is Beauty.

Hermione is Love